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Thursday, August 24, 2006


PETALING JAYA: An employee of an electronics company here had an accident in one of the laboratories today, according to the company spokesperson. Apparently, the victim, an engineer, was handling material at extremely high temperatures when the incident occured.

The victim, who shall remain anonymous to spare him the humility, was carrying out some work near an oven. In an exclusive interview, he revealed that he occasionally suffers from Blank Mind Syndrome, a common but usually non-hazardous illness among the workforce. It was during one of his fits that he accidentally touched metal that was being heated up in the oven. As a result, he suffered first and second degree burns to his thumb and index fingers.

The victim has refused to seek any medical treatment and prefers the old fashioned way of healing. He is believed to be recuperating at home in the company of his computer and pet dog. In a press statement given out by the victim's family members, they urged companies to consider the well-being of employees who are suffering from the syndrome.

"Engineers contribute their lives to the company and society. In return, they should be given better benefits and longer breaks to allow them to achieve harmonious work-life balance."

The family members will also be starting a BEDS AT WORK campaign soon to push for their cause. Their immediate aim is to replace office cubicles with comfy beds and pillows at the workplace.

At press time, the company could not be reached for further comment.

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I have a blister the size shape of Sumatra forming around the tip of my index finger, making it partially incapacitated. And I can only blame myself for it. Argh!


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