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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tickets to Rock4Hope

Anyone interested in going for Rock4Hope? It's a charity concert organized to raise funds for Yvonne Foong's surgery to remove tumours from her body.

It'll be held on the 9th of September at 7.30pm, venue is at the multi-purpose hall in Sunway University College. Bands like Deja Voodoo Spells and A Day at the Zoo will performing on that night.

More details here.

If you have a heart and would like to lend Yvonne a helping hand, by all means go out and purchase the tickets yourselves (RM20 per ticket). Hey if you could contribute to the already wealthy folks at TGV/GSC, why not give some for charity? And there's music too.

BUT, if you're absolutely, hopelessly in need of funds yourself (and you're surviving on instant noodles every other day), I'm giving out 2 tickets to the concert. I'm doing this because two of my colleagues purchased the tickets but cannot make it on that day. So, if you meet the conditions above, contact me at (for the tickets, not for money k).

I've already got a ticket for myself. Hopefully will be able to make it. If you're going too, do let me know...perhaps we could meet up ;)

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