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Monday, August 28, 2006

Sawi and Ino

Omg I can't believe I'm watching the streaming broadcast of Mawi and Ina on the internet.

And my imagination runs wild...

(Music fades in)

Oprah: And welcome back to the Oprah Winfrey show where we have Ino together with us today. Now tell us, how did it happen? How did your engagement with Sawi break off?

Ino: wasn't our intentions to seperate. We were a happy couple together. We had so many orgies together...(voice trails off)

Oprah: You're meaning someone else made the two of you break off?

Ino: It's not good to accuse people of bad things...but yes IT WAS HIS FREAKIN AGENT that bugged the hell out of me! He wanted in...and he's gay! (Holds back tears)

Oprah: I'm so sorry. So what was it that made you speak out to the public about your relationship with Sawi?

Ino: All I wanted was the truth to be known to the public. My family's and my pride are at stake. So, I really hope the public, with their insatiable curiousity go out and buy my LATEST tell-all book entitled "One night with Sawi", at just 49.99.

Oprah: Yes talking about your book, what can readers expect from what you have written?

Ino:'s about the sweet things that happened when we were together, like how he *CENSORED* and how I *CENSORED* and all the while we were *CENSORED*. It was like heaven. Speaking of which you can now purchase my LATEST CD, " 5 Minutes in Heaven". It even comes with a free MTV of me singing my heart out for Sawi.

Oprah: I see you've been busy lately after your break off with Sawi.

Ino: Not really. I've just acted in a couple of movies, shot a few ads for some cosmetics companies, appeared on live television for an interiew with Sawi (I'm sure you saw that), and posed nude for Playboy...

Oprah: Wha...

Ino: Oh and I'll be having a meet-the-fans session at Times Square at the end of the month...

* * * * * * *

No wonder celebrity couples (and the not-so-famous) are not holding back anything in private.

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