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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Preparing for convo

Things to do before the day:

1. Polish my shoes. Status: Done, as justified by the shoe polish mark(s) on the floor.

2. Send my suit for dry cleaning. Status: Yet to be done Done. Can someone please recommend a decent laundry place in Kelana Jaya where I can trust them in handling my Padini jacket?

3. Get a haircut. Status: Yet to be done. Again, I have no idea which stylist to head to without burning a gaping hole in my wallet. Getting your hair cut can be so expensive here I could probably pay for three cuts in JB for the price of one.

4. Book photo session. Status: In progress Done. Waiting for LS to confirm the time and date. Darn the photo shop taukes for charging an arm and a leg just for some photos. Then again, it's a once in lifetime opportunity, as they all say.

5. Get a proper shirt and tie. Status: Done. If it weren't for the stupid rules that the uni set for us (MUST be white or light-coloured shirt and dark-coloured tie), I'd be saving myself a dinner at Jogoya. Who doesn't want to look good anyway. Thank goodness for the G2000 sale.

6. Hotel reservation. Status: Done. I'm staying at the Zon Regency (formerly Eden Hotel), where the duty-free complex is situated right next to it. Which means, lots and lots of chocolate, alcohol and cigars. Oh wait, I don't smoke.

7. Pre-order flowers. Status: Yet to be done Done. Initially I thought of just buying from the makeshift stalls, but CY reminded that pre-ordering from the shops is better. Gurl's not much of a flower fan, so I guess if worse comes to worse, at least I won't be without a bouquet of rotting plants.

8. Plan my activities. Status: In progress. Actually all I've got in mind is to bring my family for some of the best cuisines in JB. But it seems there's a plan going on for all SEL coursemates to meet up. We'll see...


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