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Sunday, September 10, 2006

So full of air

I'm having a flatulence problem. This is a follow up (and a relief, I'd say) to the previous day's stomach upset which I didn't expect to be that bad at all.

Saturday was like hell. My stomach was like an overloaded washing machine, ready to churn out whatever that went in. The worst thing was, I was fucking put off by food. Appetite was at an all time low. My whole body was zapped of every ounce of energy and resulted to burning fat as a result of the tummy not getting any solid food. Carbs and protein were lacking from my diet that day and I guess my brain was running on fatty tissue alone.

And I am that lucky to get this on a Saturday. Hell why didn't it happen on a Monday, or any other weekday that I could probably skip work on medical leave? On the bright side, I experienced the comfort of home rather than being stuck in cold, lonely KL.

My hypothesis of how/why it happened? Friday night, 3 packets of Mamee (don't you love this shit, grown-ups?), a meal at home, a 500ml can of Heineken, a packet of chips dipped in absurd amounts of seasoning, a packet of chrysanthemum drink, and topped up with a packet of peanuts.

Mix and digest, and you've got yourself a perfect excuse for not doing anything. People who are on a mission to slim down, take note, though it might cause some discomfort compared to the usual (but slower) way. Oh, and you're taking it at your own risk.



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