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Monday, September 18, 2006

The Bull

I have an insanely annoying colleague who happens to sit near my cubicle in the office. A brief intro/rant about him, whom I shall call Bull, is here. Of all the 200 cubicles in the office, he gets the cube next to about shitty luck and bad karma.

Bull is new to the company, like me. He's had some experience in the industry, working for a number of companies before he decided he'd ruin my present company. Bull has pissed me off way many times ever since he set his stinking foot into the office. One of the very first was this.

One of the most dreaded things I dislike about him is the way he talks. Apparently the previous companies that he worked for were not very conducive toward his command of English. I can hardly comprehend what he puts out of his mouth, though the way he does it the entire office is able to hear him. As if language was not enough a problem, the guy seems to talk unintelligeble crap for most of the day, bugging the hell out of people and wasting productivity.

And that's just the start of the hate list I have for Bull.

Hell he could be a washroom cleaner and nobody would question his IQ at all, but for someone with an engineering degree it is unbelievable how dumbfucked one can get from the stupidness displayed by him. Honestly, I didn't expect an engineer to turn out like how he turned out. If my kid were to be like that I'd fucking kill myself. Actually I'd put a gun to his head before killing myself, that'd do more justice to mankind and mother earth.

Sometimes I really wonder how my boss, who has a team of great engineers, managed to be conned into hiring this little prick. Maybe he was blackmailed, threatened...who knows. But Bull definitely does not belong here in this office.

The earlier that Bull gets bored of his job and move on to another company, the happier I'd be. Meanwhile, I seriously need to consider taking up anger management classes.


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