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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fashion for an engineer

Fashion has caught up so much among people nowadays that even the engineering professionals have shed their image as one of the dullest looking geeks in the workforce.

Where you would once see pyjamas and practically no make-up, now exists people who flaunt labels like Guess, DKNY, Levis et cetera and some well groomed faces. Mix-and-match seems to be the in word(s?) nowadays instead of phrases like 'cost-reduction', 'trouble-shooting' and other technical terms.

Why, even our company has come up with its own board of fashion designers. First out of their design board, a hip looking sling bag that comes in chic coloured white. While it may look somewhat oustanding, the lack of fancy designs tones down the flashy image.

Worn in the conventional way, it gives the owner freedom to move around. The lightweight material also means that it wouldn't be a burden to carry around.

Forget cowhide or alligator skin or some other material made from dead animals, anti-static synthetic material is THE most sought after material nowadays. Though lacking an adjustable strap, it is built with a mechanism that protects the owner from snatch thefts.

The sling bag is also designed to be functional and user friendly. A simple flap with a button on the front means you wouldn't have to go through the hassle of zips and multiple pockets. Capacity wise, it has enough space for you to chuck in all your tools, make-up kit, water bottle and even a packet of junkfood or two.

You can also wear it in any whacky way you like.

Simple, elegant and practical enough for everyday use. Best of it, it's FREE to all employees working in Company X.

Now do you still think engineers look like hags and trolls?

Engineer's note: In reality, the sling bag is meant as a storage device for people who frequent the production floor. Normally one would find a smock, shoe covers, miscellaneous tools and maybe a notebook inside. The anti-static material is made from the same material used to make smocks, and it prevents chips from getting fried from accumulated static charges.


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