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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The showdown: SE vs Nokia

If you find any similarities between this post and this, it is purely coincidental that the same incident occured to us. So let's just leave it to destiny and marry me, FA? :D

Barely 2 months into using it and I'm starting to find some problems with my Sony Ericsson W700i. First things first, I'm still desparately praying for an evolution of sorts for my brain and fingers, just to get used to the SMS function for the phone. In simpler words, "IT TAKES MORE than the patience of a SAINT to fucking get used to it."

Another thing that sucked was the camera module. I'm perfectly satisfied with the quality of the pics that the camera taken under most circumstances. However, when you have a lightish coloured background, the flaw jumps out at you.

Picure of a perfectly white wall. Yes, it is WHITE!

Some experiment pics I took with the camera proved this. The guy at the service centre told me that I had to just accept the camera's sorry state. And no it's not a screen problem as the pics look the same when transferred to a PC. I guess it's definitely not a shit stain on the lens either cos I'm sure he'd be smart enough to check for that.

And so the days without my phone left me with limited options. I had to use the ancient Nokia 3310 that was once my prized possesion ages ago.

The showdown: Old man vs new kid on the block.

Honestly, it wasn't that bad going back to the old phone. The keypad was large enough and the SMS functions were absolutely orgasmic compared to SE phones. Of course, the 3310 didn't have a camera or walkman function or a colour screen for that matter, but it pwned SE in user friendliness. And it is one, tough, phone, period.

Will their offspring inherit a black & white camera function?

All in all, though a 3310 would be good enough, I just couldn't go without a colour screen. As the saying goes, once you go black colour, you never go back.

As for the Nokia, I'll keep it as a spare phone in case the SE goes nuts or something. It might even fetch a hefty price at some auction one day. In the next millenium, perhaps.

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