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Saturday, October 14, 2006


Remember the colleague of mine whom I absolutely detest? Looks like he's got himself into some tight spots with some of the team members. Not only are people boycotting him in public, he's pretty much ridiculed everytime he attempts to utter a sentence.

A typical conversation with him would be like something below.

Bull: You know how to access this database?

Me: (Puts down work) Yeah first go to this webpage (opens a web browser and clicks the link), login (shows him how to login) and choose the type of data that you want to view.

Bull: Huh?

Me: You need to go to this webpage first...

Bull: Er...I don't have the link wor...can send it to me ah?

Me: Didn't the boss send out a mail containing the link to everyone?

Bull: Huh?

Me: The link.....the boss sent out the link.

Bull: Umm...I think I deleted it.

Me: Ok nevermind I'll forward it to you later. So what kind of data are you looking for?

Bull: Er...I'm not sure also. Just want to try try.

Me: (MCH you don't even know what you're looking for still wanna ask how to do it. How much of an idiot are you anyway? 9 years working experience with who? The garbage company collecting rotten fruits that emitted hazardous gases and messed up your brain? Bug off lah fucker.)

Bull: Huh?

You gotta love Bull's vocabulary. The single most used word in his pathetic life must the word "huh". Every single time a conversation strikes up with him, this magical word never fails to appear. Coupled with a dumbfucked expression like a mentally retarded patient, the situation is disturbing and amusing at the same time.

Sometimes I wish he'd go kill himself by stuffing his fist into his mouth, after I've had my little laugh.


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