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Friday, October 27, 2006

KL - cheapest city in the world

This is good news for Malaysians...or more specifically, those who live in KL.

A survey of 71 cities worldwide by Swiss banking giant UBS found that Malaysia's capital has the most competitive prices when it comes to food, electronic goods, clothes, public transport, hotel rates and entertainment.


Which makes me feel extremely lucky and grateful to be staying where I am now because it would only cost...

  • RM551 for a five-star hotel room, per night.
  • RM5.88 for a 5km taxi ride within the city.
  • RM44 for a three-course meal in a good restaurant.
  • RM1756 per month for a 3-room apartment, unfurnished.

That would be great only if...

  • I was a guest at the Hilton, Renaissance, Marriott or some other swanky posh hotel that would rob me of a quarter of my monthly pay, per night.
  • I had the privilege to be chauffered here, there and everywhere by a personal taxi, which incidentally would be pointless because of the traffic jams.
  • I could afford Friday's 3 course menu for all my meals, day in and day out.
  • I rented a service apartment in Mont Kiara like what my operations manager does (they don't call him the operations manager for nothing).

Now excuse me while I rejoice by eating chinese take-aways and taking public transport back to my very affordable RM200-a-month apartment room.


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