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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Damai Laut getaway trip (Part 2)

We came back early from Pangkor for a reason, and that was to try out the watersports and other activities available at the resort.

Archery, canoeing, nature walk and bicycling activities were actually FOC, which really surprised me as I remember having to pay the last time I was there. Unfortunately, archery and the nature walk were scheduled events, so we had to give them a skip.

Row row row your orange boat, gently into the sea!

Lucky for us the waves were not too high even though it was the monsoon season. We didn't hesitate to pull out the canoe and gather a pair or oars to do some serious paddling. It was funny how we would get out of sync when rowing and the canoe would go the opposite way instead of the direction we intended.

We also went bicycling around the resort. But because some buggers were hogging the bikes, only one was available and we took turns while the other sort of jogged to keep up. Also went to the pool for a dip after that.

And suddenly I forgot Gurl was a former state swimmer. Was thrashed in the pool, bad. But it was fun :)

Dinner was at Pantai Remis. We randomly picked a restaurant that looked respectable and ordered our dishes there. Of course we did not forget to order some seafood, though it was only limited to prawns as I'm not a very big fan of fish.

Did some night shots with the tripod when we were back.

Chandelier in the lobby

Rickshaw with bowl of flowers

The Lobby at night (and I seriously need to be more creative in naming pictures)

Posers posing under the light (and I admit I suck at naming pictures)

It was a great trip. We had fun. What more could we ask for?

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