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Sunday, November 19, 2006

James Bond and E-Mee

The big hoo-ha over the new James Bond has finally toned down a bit, now that the movie's been showing for a few days.

I don't know what's the fuss about Daniel Craig playing the new 007. So he's not as dashing as Pierce Brosnan, nor as suave as the previous Bonds, but give the man a break here. I personally thought he gave a good performance playing the MI6 agent, though I wouldn't say the same for the movie in general.

And damn the censors for omitting some crucial parts of the movie. They should've rated it 18PL instead of U, robbing us mature movie goers of some of the more salacious scenes.

Interestingly though, the balls-kicking torture scene was left uncut...which I think, would seriously be more of a negative influence to the pure minded. My point is: someday kids will grow up and do the whole sex thing anyway, but imagine if a girl applied the 'scratch-my-balls' technique to an unsuspecting boyfriend. Now that would be scary.

Anyway, I saw this in the menu at one of Muar's newest (and quite reputable) restaurants.

Deep's Meat anyone?

Of course it's possible that this was a typo (DEER instead of DEEP). But then judging by the changes in the prices of the dishes, it's obvious the menu has been reviewed at least once. Yet no one has done anything to correct it.

IQ question: What do you call modernized noodles that can be ordered via e-mail?


Prefixes can be so convenient.

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