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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gaining weight

Today marks the halfway point of my first year of employment. I step on the scales, and get a hold of the damage done. In six month's time, I have gained approximately 3 kilograms.

I know most girls would probably freak out if this happened to them. (3 kg? What would become of my dream to be the next Paris Hilton? And the strapless tops, my miniskirts...all ruined!) But being a guy, my genes are simply not programmed to worry too much about the issue of body weight. Aesthetically speaking, that is.

In a health perspective, my BMI still stands at a normal level of 22. But obviously this won't look too good in the long term if the condition continues.

At this rate, I'll weigh 87 kg into my third year of corporate enslavement.

The current me.

The future me (if the phenomenon persists).

Looks like it's time to hit the gyms again!


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