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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

10 reasons to work in KL

10 reasons why working in KL is better than in Penang (applies mainly to those working in the electronics industry):

  1. KL is hip and happening, the place you'd want to be for awesome events. Where else can you bump into movie stars alike?

  2. KL has the bestest shopping malls in the country. Visit 1 Utama and you'll never want to go back to the third-world-looking Prangin Mall again.

  3. KL has more variety when it comes to food, and they come in larger portions too. Seriously, don't you get tired of laksa and prawn mee with a dozen strands of noodles everyday?

  4. Living in KL makes you a more hardworking, resourceful person, because everything is more expensive here and people are more motivated to earn more money so they can spend more.

  5. Living in KL makes you a more patient person. Having to live through all the hours wasted in traffic jams and flash floods builds your patience up to a higher level.

  6. KL is near to everywhere, being in the central region of the peninsular. Imagine how your bum will feel during those trips back home if you're from Malacca and working in Penang.

  7. In Penang, you need to pay outrageous toll fees for crossing a bridge when attempting to get to somewhere. In KL, all the bridges you'll see are flyovers, and most of them are (still) free.

  8. In KL, microchips don't simply get stolen by armed robbers.

  9. Most EE graduates work in Penang, which makes the place overflowing with engineers. Pray tell how can you expand your social circle when the people you're working with came from the same class?

  10. Most importantly, who would want to work for those boring, predictable companies in Penang? (No names mentioned, you know which companies)

Long live the capital of Malaysia! I'm waiting for the response, any of you Penangites (or future-Penangites) care to take this up with me?


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