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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Together again

Have been busy for the past few days helping Gurl move her stuff up to KL. After a week's rest at home, she's finally started her new job here in the city.

It's a good change from her previous company I guess. Not being able to bring handphones into the workplace, being barred from receiving/sending emails other than to company addresses, blocked from using any form of messenger service or surfing the internet...definitely not the most conducive working environment, IMHO.

Imagine being cut off from the outside world during the day time. The thought of it makes me cringe, considering I enjoy far more freedom in my workplace.

Anyway it's convenient since her company is located near to mine, so we can probably save on some petrol money (fortunately the toll hike does not affect us). The downside of sharing a vehicle means less flexibility in our working hours, though we do have our own transport in case of emergencies.

There're a lot of other stuff that I need to get used to, for example my meals after work. No more simple 'tapau' dinners after this I suppose. One thing's for sure though, it's great to have her here :)


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