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Thursday, December 07, 2006

How to ruin your office relationships

One of my colleagues accidentally sent a mail to all of the team members, including the boss. He was actually replying to a friend's mail and I suppose he replied to the wrong message.

"LDP toll go up...what to do. Hope next year will get a good increment. If not then say bye-bye to the company loh..."

Yes he actually put the MANAGER in the list too. And he's barely been here for 9 months. Lucky for him, he realized the mistake immediately and put out a recall message. But the story doesn't end here.

Bull, the inanimate, IQ-challenged office dumbfuck actually replied to everyone in the recipient's list:

"Eh, belum bangun lagi ke. Very brave you are, I respect. You ask for 50% increment ma, tell boss LDP go up 100%."

Although this time our manager was omitted from the list, my colleague was pissed enough to tell him that he should not have re-broadcasted the message when a recall was already issued.

I guess Bull must have come to his senses for a while, and not long after came over to my colleagues cubicle with an apologetic look. Muttering some phrases with the words 'sorry' here and there, he made a lame attempt to apologize to my colleague.

It just puzzles me how some people lack the necessary office ethics, though I would not be surprised at Bulls ability to mess up. I suspect he's still trying to find out the difference between pressing "Reply" and "Reply all" when using Microsoft Outlook.

My colleague and most of us ignored him for almost the rest of the day. At lunchtime he didn't even tag along (uninvited as usual) with us to have lunch. Must have realized he's not in anyone's lunch partner list anymore. Hah.

A lesson to everyone: Never, ever attempt this in the office, or you'll end up as the person everyone would love to ignore.

Just like Bull.


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