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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Toll price hike / Mat Rempit / Self-gratification syndrome

Again, citizens of Malaysia are given a cruel reminder to change our lifestyles.

I say, instead of hiking up the toll prices, the government should IMPOSE huge fines on those crazy mat rempits to compensate for their (the gov's) failed projects. Too poor to pay up? No problem hard labour is the solution. And aren't we sick of incoming immigrants doing jobs that no locals would take up?

One thing I sure hope is that the extra money doesn't go to waste in efforts trying to "rehabilitate" the so-called "misunderstood" biker community. Want to Umno-nize them? Give them proper playing grounds so they can show off their useless skills? They could hire a firing squad for all I least that would make some good to the country.

Ah, I'm glad I will be able to vote during the next elections. No prizes for correctly guessing who I'll be voting for though.

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Browsed through Sitemeter and found out that my blog's in Google's top 10 search results for this phrase:

Self-gratification syndrome.

Hmm...the term sounds a bit morally dubious. Rest assured that there is no sex fiend behind healthy little blog.

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