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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Y.B. Datuk Ir. Prof Dr. Deriku

Apparently future graduate engineers will have a harder time in order to qualify as "professional engineers".

"Graduate engineers will soon find it tougher to call themselves professional engineers and to carry the Ir title before their name. The bar for the profession will be raised come 2008 with the introduction of an additional competency examination."


Frankly speaking, I've only ever come across the title "Ir" during my university days, as some of the more 'distinguished' lecturers would like to be addressed during formal ceremonies. We were also exposed to the procedures on how to qualify for that particular title, though I have no recollection whatsoever.

A title like this would probably raise a few question marks when mentioned along more common titles such as Dr. and the granddaddy of all titles, the Datuk.

I was told it was supposed to be pronounced as 'inginieur' with a certain French taste to it, seeing that the good Frenchmen allowed us the usage of their term for 'engineer'. But imagine some uninformed emcee trying to pronouce your full title when addressing an audience.

"We would like to welcome our guest of honour, mean Ai-arr...Andy Lau to our exhibition..."

And it becomes worse when the person carries multiple titles and protocol needs to be observed. Try saying this out loud in one breath - Yang Berbahagia Datuk Ir. Prof. Dr. Mohamad Salehuddin bin Shaik Nasir.

See? Bet you couldn't finish that in one breath.

Well, being in the semiconductor field means I practically have no chance (and no point really) in attempting to qualify for this title. Not that I would like to anyway.

"Hey who's the infrared guy?"


"The balding guy with a polka-dot tie standing over there? The booklet says he's name is IR Tan."

"So why do you call him the infrared guy?"

"Doesn't IR stand for INFRA-RED?"

*No offence to those who carry the title. Hey don't forget I'm on your side :D


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