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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Take a hike

Rumour had it that the petrol price was going for a hike again according to some emails circulating around last Friday. Some mentioned 30 cents, others 40. At a time when the toll prices have just been recently increased, this came as depressing news for the new year.

Fortunately though it did not turn out to be true. My guess is that they probably will not force an increment, given that the general elections are coming. All the more if it is going to be held this year. Perhaps we should send a clear message this time and ask the current administration to take a hike (pun intended).

Speaking of increasing expenditures, I was using the LDP last Friday after work. As usual, the stretch between Freescale up to the Sunway toll plaza was clogged with all kinds of vehicles. Which makes me think, who gives the right to LITRAK (the highway concessionaire for LDP) to raise the toll prices, when they can't solve a simple problem as a bottleneck at one of the busiest exit points?

As my colleague put it, the Sunway toll plaza is "one of the most stupid designs ever to be built". A view using Google Earth would give you an idea, if you still don't know what I mean.

And now they want to charge us RM0.60 more to endure the same daily routine of getting stuck in congested traffic? Where's the logic in that? Perhaps LITRAK should take a hike too.

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For those of you who are against the recent toll hike (which I presume would be everyone, except the highway concessionaire owners), go here and sign the online petition.

Those who think it is not their problem because they're not staying in the Klang Valley, think again.

By the way, did anyone attend the protest at Sunway Pyramid on Sunday? I sincerely hope it wasn't treated as just another meaningless gathering, and some good actually came out of it.

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