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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Wash this when dirty

I'm currently forced to type my posts offline, no thanks to the 'act of nature' that brought our country's internet speed to a standstill.

Nevertheless I'm not going to whine and live in misery just because access is limited, if you're wondering about that. While certain media might portray the blogging community as internet addicts, but I beg to differ. Some beloggers have a life too ;)

Anyway, I'm sure all of you have come across clothing labels with washing instructions at one point of your life. That is, if your wardrobe does not consist entirely of pasar malam purchases.

Instructions that come in ridiculously small type where you'd need a magnifying glass to comprehend them if you're older.

Wash inside out separately from other garments, machine wash cold/warm, do not bleach, warm iron, DO NOT SET FIRE TO GARMENT, DO NOT WEAR GARMENT IF YOU HAVE AN UNSIGHTLY BODY...the list of laundry jargon goes on and on.

Honestly, who has the time to follow all those instructions in the long term?

You buy an expensive shirt and love it to bits. So for the first few washes you handwash in order not to let the washing machine do any damage to your precious (washing machines have an endless vendetta against mankind and their clothing).

But for the next few weeks, work gets piled up and you start to get a bit lazy. Oh since it's a hassle to wash it I'll just wear it again tomorrow. By the time you realize your shirt needs a good soak, people would already be avoiding you, or rather your nasty smell.

All hope's not lost. I came across this ingenious label with a very practical message intended for the wearer.

Like the front? Wait til you see what's at the back.

Wash this when dirty

There you go. The most useful piece of advise anyone in the world could use.

Now, time to wash my dirty clothes.


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